Slighter’s ‘Complicit’ (New Track!)

Slighter returns with a brand new track, ‘Complicit’ (will be available on Bandcamp March 5th, and streaming March 19th 2021) which presents a first listen to his new 2021 album titled ‘VOID’ due out late Spring!

Obligatory Bandcamp Link (to watch for releases)

With ‘Complicit’, Slighter’s Colin C. (remixer for Front Line Assembly, Battle Tapes, and vocalist for Moris Blak, Horrorfall – from USA Network’s Covert Affairs) explores a familiar cinematic style to his previous efforts, yet upgrades the experience for a catchy, dance club appeal.

Colin’s provocative lyrics and smooth vocal style bring to mind the darker and intimate moments of Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, and IAMX as ‘Complicit’ explores the musical line between gritty Industrial Techno and slick down tempo Darkwave in moody fashion.

Included in the single release is a bonus, ‘Dub Club’ mix that strips the song to a throbbing and hypnotic Techno track for DJs. Featuring only cut-up vocals and a constant driving beat, this mix is will proof useful for DJ’s looking for a Perc, Speedy J, Slam, or Blush Response style remix to add to their sets.

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