If you’re curious how to submit music:

Please do be sure the ID tags in submitted tracks are fully and correctly filled out. Good file names doesn’t hurt either but we don’t have time to tweak every file we get and what’s in the tags is what people see. Including album art! Pack them full of info!

CD quality or better MP3 or OGG files are ideal. The radio system can’t be burdened with FLAC & Wav files, (disk usage on the DJ console) it’s just for streaming music, not keeping an archive in the event of an apocalypse.

If you’d like airtime on Live DJ & Podcast sets please do submit fully tagged FLAC formatted music. Wav would be fine but there’s no metadata, so FLAC, AIFF, or whatever other studio quality format you’d like to send would be fine.

Send them to a Zip (hopefully with Artist/Album/Artist – Trackname.mp3 pathing/naming) and drop them off at this URL:

PLEASE remember, to use all the tags you can in your music. That’s what people will see, that’s what I’ll have on hand when I’m on the mixer, that’s the data that will persist short of digging through decades of email.