Click here to go to the new “Live!” page where more info and the ability to make requests is moving to, though still a work in progress.

  1. Use the player over on the upper part of the bar on the right side of the page.

  2. If you know what you’re doing & rather use your music player of choice, just grab the stream URL below and cram it in your favorite MP3 player or device:

http://streams.EBM-Radio.com:8000 (backup/alternate)
(these also work as SL land streams)
  • M3U (for most mp3 players, has all streams as failovers)
  • PLS (older shoutcast/winamp format) 

    (Alternate) Shoutcast Compatible URL(s)

    Primary: Spacial Systems
    Secondary: Domain Relay
    Tertiary: Web Based SSL Relay
  • Depending on your preferences and what you’re listening on there are many radio apps & sites which you can use to listen and here are some services & other options you may want to know about:

11 thoughts on “Tuning-In

  1. awesome

  2. Aayvie


  3. Relic

    first time here..sounds great!

  4. peter henckens

    first listening many years ago,since this a lot of other Station appeared,i always came back,your are the best

  5. sergio

    Love what imperative reaction has done..hope they come back. time too learn about new electronic music… darkhorizons radio tampa!

  6. Chickenator X

    You’re the hero we need, but not the hero we deserve.

    You’re doing God’s work, dude.

    Get well soon.

    • Thanks! Don’t I wish…


    Gracias por compartir música de buena calidad.

  8. spacenoise

    Hello! Many thanks for the radio !!!
    wanted more more electronic music?!
    from Russia with love 🙂

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