a-ha reunion to be announced on Wednesday March 25th

According to an interview in this morning’s Norwegian Dagbladet Magazine a-ha’s press conference, to be helt at the Norwegian Embassy in Berlin on Wednesday March 25 at 1:30pm CET will be about the…

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One thought on “a-ha reunion to be announced on Wednesday March 25th

  1. mary martinez

    No ones gonna like what I have to say-but I’ll say it anyway-who cares!


    I have considered everything that has come out today and I’m left to my own opinion, that being: that the group was maneuvered into taking this up again. Why? The first clue to me is the inclusion of Alan Tarney! Really? It’s 2015 and the only producer anyone could think of calling was him? Ya, ok. So 5 years ago they pretty much said they were done. The group has been known to have personal issues when in the studio and generally do not get on well-recording some albums separate from each other so they they don’t have to be in a room together. But now I guess we are supposed to believe that at some point they rolled out of bed, picked up the phone, called a producer they hadn’t worked with in 25 years and said, “Lets make a record and then go on tour even though we broke up!”

    There’s something amiss in all this that wasn’t at play when they reformed in 1999 for MEMS.

    To believe they still had something to say when they seemed so sick of the game back during FOTM just rings hollow. I choose to believe they were done when they said they were and that this new setup (complete with old a-ha logo) might have more to do with some unfinished company business from waaay back in the day that we are not privy to knowing about.

    If they would have utilized a producer from this era to guide their reformation I might have bought this as genuine but knowing what I’ve seen with other artists being held hostage to old contracts that seem to be dormant only to be revived by a former record label (in this case LABELS) leads me to think that “a-ha were done but someone else wasn’t done with a-ha”

    Good luck to them and poor Morten trying to say this is a one and done situation-ok if you say so-hope you get your wish.

    Regards, flowershopgirl

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