“Children of the Night”

Shadow Fashion – Children of the Night

“Shot in three locations, including San Antonio and also at the Houston Vampire Ball, we had an absolute blast filming this. The band wanted to capture the heart of the dark scene through the lens of vampire culture, and in general, showcase the Texas scene. I felt we were able to do that, while simultaneously making a sexy and fun-to-watch video that represents the band well.”

Erik Gustafson

Dark Electro-Pop act, Shadow Fashion, hailing from San Antonio, TX has released the official video of the recent “Children of the Night” single. Enjoy!

A good match for fans of: Depeche ModeThe Cure and New Order

The theme of the song speaks of the loneliness and isolation we have all gone through at times.  However, it is important to realize that we are never truly alone as we are surrounded by our friends, family, and loved ones.

 As a scene we are fortunate to have clubs, DJ’s, promoters and musicians who understand the importance of community.  At the “end of the day,” we are all “Children Of The Night.”