Review: Machine Liberation

New release from RIOTLEGION

Album: Machine Liberation
Label: Blind Mice Productions
Release Date: 06/23/2020

RIOTLEGION is best listened to loud.

Seatllite Michael Le Roy Coultas has once again delivered a fucking banger of an album that has been a long time coming. There’s been five years of radio silence from RIOTLEGION since their EP Trigger Warning back in 2015, and it shows that he’s taken the time to really refine his sound, find out what works and hammer in on it. I’ve personally been a big fan of RIOTLEGION since I randomly stumbled across GOD(B)LESS on Soundcloud all those years ago, so to say getting a copy of this to review made me hype would be an understatement.

Machine Liberation, either as a stylistic choice or just from musical growth, is a more well-produced album than RIOTLEGION’s previous efforts. There’s a little bit less crunch, but there’s still plenty of the things you know and love – big fucking kicks, warm bass that just sinks into your ears like it pays rent there, choruses that shouldn’t be catchy but oh my god they’re fucking stuck in your brain, it’s all there.

There’s a 90’s bite to a lot of these tracks, tracks like For Security and Field Day standing out from the pack if that’s the sound you like. As for me? My favorite track is Affirmation, which is the bounciest and crunchiest song on the whole album. If we were allowed to have clubs open right now, I can only imagine the amount of dancefloors that would be getting fucking killed to it. Or the rest of the fucking album, for that matter.

Overall rating: 8/10

review by The Pale One