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First the quick, boring part. Trying to migrate DJ ops to another, hopefully more permanent system is a nightmare. So I decided to take a break and finally turn back to the site for a change.


Yeah… Whatever, nobody cares.

If you’re reading this you’ve probably noticed the site has been tweaked a little. Also note that I’ve added a COMMUNICATIN’ page for all of your general comments that just get spewed around the site. There’s also a chat box where you can log in as yourself on twitter or as a user of the site. Yes a user of the site!

Aside from starting to meme the site out I’ve also enabled registration. Partially just for the chat functionality. Partially because there’s more visitor participation (in what limited variety has been possible) than I expected… So maybe there’s room for more? We had a forum for ages. It became a spam hole and never got enough consistent use to keep my attention.

What do YOU think? What kind, if any, of user/site interaction would you like to see if any? Let us know in the comments for this post!


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