Dissonance: Latest Maxi-Single

“Precipice” A Lament of Personal Struggle.

Darkwave artist Cat Hall (aka DISSONANCE) proudly reveals the new single & visualizer clip for “Precipice”.  Says Cat Hall regarding the struggle that inspired the song:

“When I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and told I could not have children, I was devastated. I was angry. I wrestled with the emotional pain for years after the physical scars healed. “Precipice” is me addressing this loss and the cause of it.”

“Dissonance continues to evolve and mutate like a musical chameleon, incorporating so many styles into a virulent brew of electronic sophistication.

Justin Burning’s waves of ambient swells and pulsating bass create a lush backdrop for Cat Hall’s multi-faceted vocal range. Dynamic harmonies continue to elevate the sound of Dissonance into celestial realms of emotional and lyrical honesty and poignancy.

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Official Video

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