Take part in the new Psy’Aviah video – deadline November 19th

Take part in the new Psy'Aviah video - deadline November 19th

Good news for those who want to participate in a music video. Psy’Aviah has launched a call for participants in their next video. It’s very easy to participate, basically everyone with a smartphone can participate and it only takes a minute. Watch the video below and follow the instructions as lined out below. The video will be directed by Jonathan Guttmann who also directed the band’s videos for “Searching”, “New Times” and “Train of Thought”.

The music video the band is making is for the song “Pretender”, a critical protest song on behaviors on the work floor, on social media and other places – where a lot of people have to pretend, smile whilst they wouldn’t like to smile. It’s a song to bring awareness.

They are basically looking for horizontal and vertical shots of you talking – it doesn’t matter what you’re saying as it’ll be muted in the music video. You can send your material to info@psyaviah.com preferably via a WeTransfer link, or just PM the band via messenger (on the profile facebook.com/yves.schelpe).

Deadline: November 19th, so be fast!

Check out the video here with extra information what to do.

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