Strict Machine: ‘Chrome’ – new and refreshing Norwegian darkwave with tribute to JG Ballard

Strict Machine - Chrome

(By our Norwegian correspondent Jan Ronald Stange)
For those missing the dark voice of Andrew Eldritch (The Sisters of Mercy), the mysterious singer of the Norwegian EBM/darkwave act Strict Machine offers a great alternative, probably the best since Eldritch stopped releasing new music. Some might have heard Strict Machine participate on the latest Face The Beat: Session 6 compilation with the track ‘Nature of Divinity’, and now their new single ‘Chrome’ is out on various platforms. It’s a hard-hitting, dark and moody track, full of haunting synth beats, well worth investigating more!

All we know about the band at present is that they consists of two member who wants to remain anonymous for the time being, but when sent a message they replied with this about this track, future releases, band members and life in general.

Strict Machine - Chrome

Strict Machine:
‘Chrome’ is a tribute to JG Ballard’s book ‘Crash’. We wanted to capture that haunting passion for fetish that he describes in the book. It’s about undying topics like death, sex, infatuation and classic American cars.

I mean, death is after all a big thing for all of us, and how fast we’re going there, pardon the pun, is up to the vehicles we choose.

Strict machine is all about reinventing the individual, like for example David Bowie often did – keeping the focus off the people behind and rather seeing the concept for what it is.

We are both rather private people, and so it makes the choice even more obvious to keep us anonymous.

This release is the first song from the upcoming debut EP, where we are trying to re-approach the classic themes and topics like the occult, ritual magic, existential questions and love.

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