FEBRVVM covers The Cure’s ‘The Walk’

Februum covers Deftones' classic track 'Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)'

Industrial/gothic metal act FEBRVVM has released a cover version of The Cure’s “The Walk” this time after covering the Deftones’ classic track “Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)” in 2019. FEBRVVM’s take includes heavy guitars and a heavy rendition of the track’s iconic synth line.

Here’s what the band says about their cover: “It is one of the less typical The Cure’s songs (it is essentially a dance track) and the cover version features a slightly unorthodox approach that tries to maintain the sublime insanity of the original (song’s lyrics basically deals with the patients in the mental health hospital).”

The single is available on pretty much every streaming platform, you can check the video below.

FEBRVVM has released three EPs so far (the latest is “Praemeditatio Malorvm” from 2020) and a debut LP is expected next month.

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