9th volume in the ‘Electrostorm’ series out now

9th volume in the 'Electrostorm' series out now

The ‘Electrostorm’-sampler is back. On volume 9 Out Of Line unifies the best of its dark electronic acts on one CD including 17 partly brand-new and exclusive tracks (new songs, limited remixes, and rarities). The sampler also holds 2 newcomers on the label, namely Kiberspassk and Yellow Lazarus.

Here is the video of the new Kiberspassk track “Derevna”.


  1. Solar Fake “I Despise You”
  2. Too Dead To Die “Tropical Gothic”
  3. Blutengel “Wir Sind Unsterblich”
  4. Ashbury Heights “Wild Eyes (feat. Madil Hardis)”
  5. Solitary Experiments “The Struggle (Midnight Resistance Remix)”
  6. Blutengel+Hocico “Obscured (Club Version by Hocico)”
  7. Suicide Commando “Bunkerb!tch”
  8. Amduscia “Just Feel And Enjoy”
  9. Dive “Death Machine”
  10. Kiberspassk “Derevna”
  11. Yellow Lazarus “Vicious Memories”
  12. Massive Ego “Digital Heroin”
  13. She Hates Emotions “Don’t Leave Me”
  14. Rummelsnuff “Interkosmos”
  15. Hocico “Cross The Line (Remixed by Zardonic)”
  16. Combichrist “Last Days Under The Sun (Fear Of Domination Remix)”
  17. Ost+Front “Sex, Schnaps und Gewalt (Dickpik Remix by Yellow Lazarus)”

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